Section 10(23C)

Charitable fund or institution/Religious trust, etc.

n Public charitable and religious trusts/associations/societies registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860, etc., which seek notification by the Central Government under section 10(23C)(iv)/(v) are to file an application directly to the Commissioner of Income-tax under whose jurisdiction the case of the trust/association/society falls—Press Note: Issued by the CBDT.

n For clarifications in respect of various columns of Form Nos. 55 and 56, see Circular : No. 557, dated 19-3-1990.

n Donations in kind in the shape of books, clothes for the poor, grains to feed the poor, drugs, hospital equipment, etc., received by a fund, trust or institution, would be income within the meaning of section 2(24), and use of these towards objects for which the fund, trust or institution is established would be regarded as application of income of the fund, trust or institution within the meaning of clause (a) of the third proviso to section 10(23C). Accordingly, the fund, trust or institution would be eligible for the tax exemption if the other conditions specified in section 10(23C)(iv) or (v) are satisfied—Circular: No. 580, dated 14-9-1990.

n See - Circular : No. 584, under section 10(22).